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Streaming Live
Streaming Live

The word I would choose to describe last Thursday’s webinar is SUCCESS. Less than a few months ago our vision was to virtually connect with workshop participants and do an interactive webinar. Could we do that, and would it be another good way to share professional development from the AIMS Education Foundation? We did not want to present using a power point with a live voice like many webinars do. We felt live video streaming needed to be a part of our presentation so we could share the hands on components of lessons we do with teachers. The data collected from surveys submitted after the webinar say that we have done a good job. Our vision has been achieved mission accomplished!!

 I think everyone involved would say the planning process was a great professional experience. It came together before the live version like this. Four of us met weekly via Internet conferencing on Adobe Connect (our operating system) so using it would be familiar to us. I choose the presentation topic (fractions) and four activities that would work well. I sent all of our participants a PDF that included black line masters as well as a list of materials they would need to have while participating. Terry Bese and Jesse Padilla made sure arrangements in the studio would run smoothly. Last, we had two practice sessions prior to going live.

We have over half of our post webinar surveys in, and we are very happy with the results.  We are excited to start planning for the next one. If you missed the webinar and would like to watch, click here for the link of the recording.
The four activities we used in the webinar are: Fraction Fold Up, Hook Line and Sticker, Half Track, and Royal Rugs. Please leave comments after you watch the recording because we value your opinion. We’re looking forward to having you participate in the next webinar and we will keep you posted as to when that will be. Thanks from the crew. 😎

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Deb Porcarelli is an educator. For the last seventeen years she has facilitated math and science workshops for the AIMS Education Foundation, and currently is the Trainer/Liaison. Sharing with other educators is her passion. Following her blog may give teachers new thoughts or ideas to use in the classroom.

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