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YOU and your students can help search for the Malaysian airliner.    Tomnod means ‘Big Eye” in Mongolian.

Deb (the other Debbie) Porcarelli’s nephew found this fascinating article in the New York Times.

It started with Steve Mould, a host of science television shows in Britain. Mr. Mould, seems to be the discoverer of the chain fountain, which he demonstrated in a startling video posted online. In it, he pulls one end of a long chain of metal beads out of a glass container. Once he starts it off, the bead chain continues spilling out of the container on its own, like water or gasoline being siphoned from a tank.

Who Needs to Know How to Code

As the ability to code, or use programming languages to build sites and apps, becomes more in demand, technical skills are no longer just for IT professionals. Children as young as 7 can take online classes in Scratch programming, while 20-somethings are filling up coding boot camps that promise to make them marketable in the tech sector. Businesses such as American Express send senior executives to programs about data and computational design not so they can build websites, but so they can better manage the employees who do.

Interesting? I’m not sure what this lists means, but at least people are reading.
The Most Popular Books in Each of the 50 States
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  1. Thanks, Debbie! 🙂 I just wasted a half-hour of prep time watching the chain fountain and following ensuing links to Steve Mould, Think Maths, and Festival of the Spoken Nerd. What a hoot!

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