WEBINAR, A Day Away!

Our trial webinar is tomorrow!! In an effort to provide workshops to more teachers, we are branching out from offering only our site-based workshops to adding an Internet-based option. This Internet-based workshop will provide the same hands-on teaching strategies and activities that we use in our face-to-face workshops, but will (hopefully) be easier to attend and fit better into more teacher’s schedules. Tomorrow is a two-hour 3rd – 5th grade fraction workshop. We have over 50 participants registered. Four school sites located in the eastern United States will each have ten participants, and a few more than ten individuals will join us separately from various other schools all over the US. We will write more about our experience early next week. Stay tuned and let us know your thoughts.


Deb Porcarelli

Deb Porcarelli is an educator. For the last seventeen years she has facilitated math and science workshops for the AIMS Education Foundation, and currently is the Trainer/Liaison. Sharing with other educators is her passion. Following her blog may give teachers new thoughts or ideas to use in the classroom.

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