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Grumpy Cat



Grumpy Cat, 2013 Meme of the Year Award Winner, has an opinion about Math!

Big Dreams Start Small $100,000 College Fund Contest
(for your children or grandchildren)


Guide to Using Twitter in Your Classroom
60 Seconds to Twitter If you are not using Twitter, this video is a quick introduction.


A Student Tweet encouraging the District to ‘call a snow day’!
And a great use of a Measurement Tool!! Ha!
If you can’t see the photo clearly, the ruler is lying flat on the ground. Who said you have to measure depth of snow. 12 inches is 12 inches. 🙂


Join PBS LearningMedia and Edmodo to learn how to integrate social media into your classroom while exploring best practices, real-life examples of success, and helpful tools to get you connected!
43 minutes! Traditional webinar format. 🙁 You’d think that PBS would have more a better more human connection rather than a fancy powerpoint presentation. Oh well – its still good information.

KQED Education is looking for highly engaged educators who are interested in integrating innovative pedagogical approaches to learning where students can connect, collaborate, and debate with their peers from around the country on current events.

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