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Finding the Beauty in Math by Holly Korbey
Professor Manil Suri wants students to “fall in love” with math, and suggests that maybe our entire approach to math is upside down, and deserves to be righted.

TINKER: Free creative STEM newsletter for kids launches in October
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Learning Math through Stories – Pennsylvania Schools
Montgomery Media
I love this!
Second Grade

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  1. I went to Holly Korbey’s site to read her post. She quotes a professor Strogatz, a university math professor who is also apparently a newpaper columnist. He talks in particular about the high school and middle school math curriculum which he says too often doesn’t appeal to students’ hearts, instead offering answers to questions that kids would never ask — which he calls ‘the definition of boredom.” I’m afraid that over the past more than 40 years of teaching mathematics, I’ve too often been guilty of that very thing. It’s why I’m excited about the activities we at AIMS are working to create that provide a setting within which students are confronted with asking some of these questions for themselves, and being motivated to find the answers.

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