Smartphones and Common Core Apps

I am always amazed at what my smartphone continues to let me do. I am only restricted by what I don’t know. So, whenever I am around teachers, I like to find out what education apps they have on their phones. A while back I went to the app store on my phone and just searched Common Core State Standards. The list came back showing ten possibilities. The majority of the apps were free and of those that had a cost attached the most expensive was $2.99. I ended up downloading four free apps.

The apps I chose do a few different things. Depending on which I open and use I can: (1) read the standards, (2) find resources that may help me teach the standards, and (3) track students as they master a given standard. They are all easy to navigate and have served different purposes. I’m happy to have them on my phone. I keep them in a folder labeled “Common Core.”

Below are the pictures of the Common Core apps (with links to the Apple iTunes Store) I have on my phone. Let me know which ones you like and have on your phone. Perhaps you will even learn something new about your phone.

       Common Core Standards App Link                       Common Core

       Core Math                       Common Core K-6

Deb Porcarelli

Deb Porcarelli is an educator. For the last seventeen years she has facilitated math and science workshops for the AIMS Education Foundation, and currently is the Trainer/Liaison. Sharing with other educators is her passion. Following her blog may give teachers new thoughts or ideas to use in the classroom.

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